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Company Overview

Design Components is a manufacturer's representative agency covering Northern Illinois, Southwest Wisconsin, and Northwestern Indiana. Our focus is mechanical and electrical-mechanical products used for motion control and product control components/systems. All sales personnel have engineering or technical degrees. Seasoned technical field sales professionals with a minimum of 18 years experience for technical sales in the manufacturing sector combined with competitive products ensure optimized performance requirements and price to minimize cost. Our dedicated inside sales support provide quick response to the needs of customers and principals. Complete contact manager software and order tracking systems for timely reply to your inquiries.

Product Range

Mechanical Motion Control
  • Linear Guides, Ball Screws, Linear Actuators / Stages
  • Zero Backlash Couplings; from stepper motors to Servo
  • Machined Springs

Electrical Motion Control
  • Stepping Motors, Stepping Motors with integrated lead screw
  • Stepping Motors with integrated drives
  • Linear Encoders to 0.1 micron resolution

Automation / Product Control
  • Cam Indexers / Pick and Place Units
  • Feeder bowls - Vibratory and Centrifugal

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